We are live!

You can now create your own MyJSTOR account, save articles, and track your research!

We are about to just launched a new database here at Kimberly High School.  JSTOR.  The name means Journal Storage, and it does just that.  We will now have access to thousands of academic journals on (as you can see below) many different subjects/disciplines.  Take a look at the screen shot below (or follow THIS link).


Those numbers after each discipline… are titles of journals.  That means in the Arts, JSTOR boasts 1,503 journals that publish monthly, quarterly, annually- each with tons of individual articles.  If you are looking for accurate, scholarly information on just about any topic, this database is going to make you very happy.

Here is a preview giving you a little taste of what is now available to you-

JSTORies – Dr. Sandy Knapp from JSTOR Global Plants on Vimeo.