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Student Spotlight: Cole Robinson

It wasn’t too long ago that Kimberly High School fit into what is now JRG.  I wasn’t around KHS at that time- but I would imagine it would have been difficult to go the entire school year without knowing most students’ names.  We are growing.  It is getting harder to know everyone.   That’s where the Student Spotlight becomes relevant. We will regularly feature a different KHS students who is doing something.  Working on a project, extending themselves beyond the daily grind, being excellent.  If you would like to recommend someone for a student spotlight (yes, including yourself), contact...

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Anime @ the LMC

I don’t know if you heard… but the Anime Club set a new precedent for clubs at Kimberly High School.  Eyewitnesses reported 65 attendees at the first meeting in Mrs. Reader’s room last Wednesday.  That number turned our heads- we’re listening and we want you to help us fill our shelves with the very best literature of the genre. We want suggestions- below is a form we’d like you to fill out if you are a fan of anime or...

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day 01: reflections

The first day of school is remarkable. Everyone flocks with enthusiasm back to the place from which they escaped only three months earlier. It means reunions with friends who didn’t fit into that summer’s social bubble, meeting new people, new classes, new opportunities, freshly waxed floors, crisp pencils, new libraries (I had to), and a chance to reflect on how much more adult we’ve become. I asked the staff at Kimberly High School to share some of their favorite memories of the first day.  While reflecting individual experiences, there’s a universal element in these responses. Mrs. Ramponi- It was...

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The Handout Hack

Ever find yourself rifling through a thick folder trying to find one sentence worth of information?  Maybe you weren’t even sure the information was in there.  Maybe you knew it wasn’t in there, but you were compelled to rifle through the stacks just because you might surprise yourself. Don’t do that anymore.  It’s a waste of time. Instead, do this. Take out your phone.  It’s okay, this is for school.  Open your Google Drive App. Press the + icon in the upper right-hand corner. Press the scan option (there’s a little camera next to it). Take a photo of...

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Tomorrow, Today

The premise is simple-  If you know what you want to do after high school, start doing it right now.  Credits, degrees, and certifications are necessary for most careers- but they do not always guarantee employment or success. Stop waiting for graduation before you start your professional life.  The LMC can help you build a resume or portfolio while in high school that will position you for more opportunities once you graduate. We will offer support as you… Develop your professional portfolio Develop your resume Take courses through prestigious institutions like Stanford, Duke, and John Hopkins (for free) Document...

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  • LMC Closed - Hands on Health February 28, 2018 at 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
  • KHSLMC PRESENTS: Judge McGinnis March 22, 2018 KHSLMC SmartRoom

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