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Check your email for a golden ticket!

Emails! You may notice your inbox becoming more active in the new year. Email is one of the KHS’s official channels of communication. It is imperative that all staff and students check it frequently and use it to communicate with regularity. Establishing new habits can be challenging without a little incentive, so the LMC is launching a Golden Ticket campaign. Every so often, the LMC will send out an email to a random student. If you are that student, and you check your email within a certain time frame (usually 3 hours), the LMC will have a prize waiting...

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3 Things to Do Over Break

THING 1: HACK A PIANO If it seems likely that you’ll find yourself at a relative’s house over break, and that relative has a dusty old, out-of-tune piano in the other room, and you’re surrounded by fruit-cake eating aunts and uncles, why not sneak off and see if this approach to playing the piano actually works. There are several more lessons if you really get into it. THING 2 Scan old photos If you find the conversation during holiday gatherings turning to toxic political banter, break out your phone, ask for the photo albums, and start scanning.  You’ll be...

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  • LMC Closed - Hands on Health February 28, 2018 at 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
  • KHSLMC PRESENTS: Judge McGinnis March 22, 2018 KHSLMC SmartRoom

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